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03-18-2016, 01:38 PM
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(03-18-2016 10:34 AM) Wrote:  Hi,
Yes I am a good alive (un bon vivant).
Now I think it is better is a good alive then a bad dead !
Because I laked the help of mathematics, i am inscribe at mathematic course
at University of Nice. I think it is a mistake beacause I understand nothing of nothing in amphitheater, and I am surely the more aged into the students !

Even the professor ask me what am-I do here. I simply reply : for learn mathematics, but I think never return there because I seem ridiculus whit them.

But never have arms down (ne jamais baisser les bras !), I will learn on internet.

I think they do this about me, it is not charitable (see attachement).

Before starting University, it was a requirement that everyone saw a counselor prior to the first quarter. At the appointed time I sit down across the desk from my assigned counselor. He looks at me, then looks at my transcript (grades from school and college entry tests), he looks at me again and then at the transcript. Then he looks at me again and asks, "What are you doing here?" (not in a nice way).

At that point I was done with counselors. I can honestly say I never got any good advice from a professional school counselor. I did better asking fellow students what was up (and occasionally teachers too).

And I love math, but am really bad at it. I'm still trying to learn.

I bet you will find some students and teachers that are supportive with more time.

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