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Best calculator for the working engineer
07-18-2016, 10:53 PM
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RE: Best calculator for the working engineer
(07-18-2016 09:34 PM)Csaba Tizedes Wrote:  What does it mean "do not trust in a calculator"? Something like this: I stored approx 50-70 equations in my 35S - not a big amount I know it. Mainly equations for my job and 4-5 programs to calculate something little complicated than a simple equation (for example settling velocity of particles, orifice sizing, fitting characteristics curves for blowers data from catalogs, etc...).

During a battery change all of them are lost. That's all.

FYI: That was NOT MY FAULT. Since then my 35S sits in a shoe box - but it seems to me I'll never forgive it.


Did you change the batteries one at a time or did you remove them both at the same time before putting fresh ones? If so, this is a bug and should be on the bug list.

I have also noticed weird things like this one below reported by Logan but could never reproduce them. Still, I think the 35s is not that bad (I got a like-new one for $35), the main reasons for that are:

1. It can be easily acquired/replaced;
2. Doesn't cost as much as a used car;
3. Has lots of memory;
4. I honestly don't think those bugs will ever cause trouble. That's probably why HP has not done anything after 9 years since introduction.

(07-09-2016 02:13 PM)Logan Wrote:  I was trying to solve an equation last night with the result "Bad Guess" and it wouldn't solve. After trying a bunch of things (all variables were cleared, stack was cleared, X-register input was close to the correct value etc.), it still wouldn't work. Entered the exact same equation on the line below and it solved it right away. Tried it with the original again (not changing anything) and it solved it too.

Things like this don't inspire confidence, especially when you intend on using these functions for a timed exam. I don't have time to troubleshoot during an exam.
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