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File Sharing in Prime iOS App 1.1 ?
02-24-2016, 10:43 PM
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RE: File Sharing in Prime iOS App 1.1 ?
(02-24-2016 09:19 PM)chromos Wrote:  Maybe I got whole thread wrong, but I cannot see any mention about the StreamSmart 410. What I see is:
  • lenborje made complaint about missing file transfer between his mac and prime app;
  • you wrote about hp pc sells;
  • then I wrote I have hp pc and still no connectivity to my prime (altough it is android app);
But maybe I am wrong at it as I said above. :-)

Thanks for your post and sorry for the confusion: there are two current threads on the general topic of Prime "connectivity" and my post on the SmartStream 410 is: and it provides connectivity for data capture to various Prime Apps.

My comment about HP was less about what they sell than about why they might not support connectivity for the virtual calculators on iOS or Android. Based on the posts in this forum in comparison to the now ancient history of HP and the users of the 41c, I believe HP no longer regards its top of the line calculator as a 'product' but as a tie-in to sales of other items like a classroom package for schools.

In other words, it will be up to clever users to develop connectivity apps for the virtual Primes. Once again, I hope I am wrong.
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