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how should a program ask for no SI prefix?
11-26-2015, 11:43 PM (This post was last modified: 11-27-2015 01:07 AM by Vtile.)
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RE: how should a program ask for no SI prefix?
Is the problem m^-1 , 0*m or 1*m ??? I don't get it. There is no prefix for meter(m) since it is meter and basic unit and all others meters are actually meters with only multiplied by 10^x which is just shortened with prefix for convenience, while doing calculation you still need to use 10^x as magnitude fit atleast in your head..

Or is this related to KiB vs kB vs KB vs kb vs Kb argue??
\( k_{2}B \) vs \( k_{10}B \)
There is no such thing at my knowledge as K-prefix in SI system, only small k for kilo (10^3).

Edit. Latex doesn't work hmmpf. I see It relates somehow quick edit vs. full edit.
Edit∞. Ok rereading through who knows how many times this seems indeed relate to KiB vs kB problem I have no solution it is defacto a mess and 99% of times used what ever way one might feel it fits his/her pocket. Look at Kibi This ofcourse doesn't solve the problem. You must write a help popup window for the proper use of it, this is too new thing and too misused so it needs some enlightment to users next 20 years before it starts to be defacto understood thing. Then there is the b vs B a bit vs byte problem.

Edit∞^2 Ki for binary kilo isn't even a good prefix since it still too easily misunderstood to 10 base SI kilo prefix, maybe 20 years from now. Why they didn't propose something like bkB and bMB that clearly shows that wait a bit (heh) there is something odd and not just fancy way to write Kilo. In example I my self believed for years that Ki is only a some L337 H4x0R way of writing kilo, before I found out that it actually means binary kilos.
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