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Is the 12C SDK still available?
11-23-2015, 05:08 PM
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RE: Is the 12C SDK still available?

There are two ways to tell the new version of the 12C or 10bII+.

Plate on bottom of calculator:
1. There is a "Rev 1" on the old atmel and a "Rev 2" on the new one.

By serial number:
1. NEW 10BII+ starts with “PHA”
2. NEW 12C starts with “PHA” or “9CJ” or “7CD” or “3CD”

We could not touch the ID at all in this revision. That is why there is not any change to the plug. In addition, adding any component was not allowed.

Note that we never tested plugging the original cable into the port. I honestly don't know what would happen if you plug a non-modified serial cable into what now has USB connections. I don't think it would do any damage, but I never wanted to find out since we had very limited numbers of the new boards at that point.

However, due to a serious oversight in our electrical design, someone accidentally left a surface mount on an extreme edge of the boards that happens to perfectly fit a surface mount micro USB. These pads were also accidentally connected to the internal USB circuitry of the chip. Should you accidentally cut a small hole in the plastic case on the edge that accidentally lines up with the accidental surface mount, you might be able to accidentally use USB to do reprogramming. Happy accidents! (obviously voids your warranty)


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