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HP50g : Symbolic solver oddities or user errors?
10-29-2015, 08:10 PM (This post was last modified: 10-29-2015 09:50 PM by Vtile.)
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RE: HP50g : Symbolic solver oddities or user errors?
(10-29-2015 07:17 PM)Han Wrote:  The HP50G has some buggy behavior with solve if the flags aren't just right.

Your formula is in "non-exact" form because of the decimal representation of 1.5 and 0.6. Use the XQ command to convert an object to exact form. Then you can solve for the answer exactly (which appears to be your goal).
Thank you Han for that golden tip, XQ command solved that problem (wondering which is the reason the SOLVE command isn't using it while the calc is in NON approx mode). I must update that XQ to my solve routine with flag sets etc. when I need/want exact solutions.

My "eval before solve in nonaprox mode" aproach did give some good results, but after yesterdays system crash and reset it at my opinion not work anymore as it used to (I'm not using the solver daily so I didn't keep attention and I'm constantly jumping complex to real to polar to rectang., aprox to "numerical", Pi as symtol to numerical.. etc. Can not keep the track all the settings.), must be some really odd flag setting somewhere that were turned on by me or the programs along the year or something.

Is there somewhere a somekind of list of known "oddities"/pitfalls and flag settings of 50g CAS and solve? That I kind of were asking also in the first post.

Just for interest how Primes CAS, "textbook mode" and solve (and comparable CAS related commands) compare to HP50g?? I'm not / were not too keen other features of it ie. color display (why not epaper), low battery time, Li-ion non-standard? accumulator, basic style programming mnemonic (pita to type with calc, especially since none of the facturers are using the cellphone style of typing with 9 keys), lack of RPN in every folder/mode, lack of through illuminated keyboard, lack of separe qwerty keys to cope the basic programming, heavily mapped/foldered/ OS or UI (home, CAS, etc. etc.). ... seriously why there is no graphic, cas, low energy, illuminated on/off, engineering/sci/pro programmable (with something efficient like UserRPL [for quick and dirty] & SystemRPL combination) calculator with good keyboard and dimensions rougly 6½x12 centimeters (can be used with one hand and fits to pocket / slim briefcase) on the market.

Edit. Aprox to nonaprox.. lost in translation sry.
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