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WP34s Integration and flashing RCL
09-23-2015, 11:40 PM (This post was last modified: 09-23-2015 11:45 PM by Lode.)
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WP34s Integration and flashing RCL

When integrating the function 1/ln(x), that is, ln followed by 1/x, from 2 to 5, it outputs 2.58942452991 while RCL (running program) is blinking. That number happens to be correct, but I guess it didn't realize it yet itself Smile

But RCL keeps blinking. So in an attempt to stop it from blinking, I press exit. But then, it stops with some random value, e.g. 0.67...

The beginners manual doesn't have a section about integration. And the 3.1 PDF manual has only one thing to say about integration: refer to the HP15C manual. The HP15C stops quickly with this integral though, the situation is not applicable.

Does anyone know what's happening here, and how to use its correct result?

Thanks Smile
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