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(HP-67/97) Planetary Ephemeris
09-20-2015, 10:00 PM
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RE: (HP-67/97) Planetary Ephemeris
(09-20-2015 09:47 PM)Thomas Klemm Wrote:  It appears that these lines calculate \(\frac{1+e}{1-e}\) of the formula in the mentioned article.

Yes, that's why I think there must be a "+" instead of a "–" in line 101.

(09-20-2015 09:47 PM)Thomas Klemm Wrote:  I haven't tested this program. But Paul Lutus mentioned that there were errors both in the listing and the data:
It would be cool if we could make this program run correctly.

This should be no problem with a simple image editor. ;-)
Or maybe a HP97 user provides a (corrected) printed listing.

I do not know anything about astronomy, so maybe someone who is more into this could check the program as well as its data set, and post some results it returns. Or those it should return. ;-)

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