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HP-41: New HP-16C Emulator available
07-08-2022, 07:13 AM
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RE: HP-41: New HP-16C Emulator available
(07-08-2022 04:31 AM)Ángel Martin Wrote:  It's also possible to assign functions to the SHIFTed SHIFT key, and in fact that's profusely used in the SandMath and 41Z launchers as well.

Shifted shift in SandMath and 41Z is one of the reasons I love those ROMs so much. It's such an elegant interaction design pattern. As you traverse the launcher maps, mnemonic triggers help you locate the most apt function for your needs.

In view of the fact that you consistently use the sumation key as the core sub-function launcher across, 41Z, SandMath, SandMatrix, Warp Core and the 16C simulator (amongst others), maybe it might make sense if you were to consistently use Shifted USR as the trigger for each respective mass key assignment (where appropriate). The benefit here for DM41x users is that they can get greater flexibility from their CST shortcut assignments (if they save the sub-function launcher key of each ROM in place of their mass key assignment triggers). It obviously helps in terms of the global interaction design patterns too, as you're increasing inter-ROM consistency for similar functions.

By doing this, you'll also be able to free a primary FAT slot for a more deserving function in the likes of 41Z and SandMath.
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