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HP-41: New HP-16C Emulator available
07-06-2022, 10:50 AM
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RE: HP-41: New HP-16C Emulator available
(07-06-2022 07:18 AM)Ángel Martin Wrote:  
(07-05-2022 09:28 PM)jonmoore Wrote:  Thanks Ángel. I'll load both Library #4 and the 16C simulator from your zip in the morning and report back.
Remember to import the MOD files from the USB FAT drive into flash before plugging them in the "Active Modules" list...

It's now working as it should. Thanks for your efforts.

I've noticed some discrepancies in the Martin McClure mass key assignment/overlay but I'll report these once I've collated them. I've noticed over time that with new revisions to your Rom's, it's possible that the documentation isn't always updated to reflect the revision changes so it's possible that the discrepancies in the USR key assignments are due to undocumented revisions.

On the subject on the mass key assignments, it's still my view that it's wrong that the mass key assignment trigger doesn't exist in the primary bank. This means it can only be triggered via XEQ+ or via 16C (followed by Alpha) and then typing out 16KEYS.

The sum result of this is that the user can't assign 16KEYS to the DM41x CST menu (which is something I do with SandMath's MKEYS and 41Z's ZK?YN mass key assignment triggers). I'm aware you optimise your ROM's for use without mass key assignments but when all ones regular use case mass key assignments are assigned via CST single trigger keys, it's makes for a very powerful way to hop around many key features across all ones loaded ROM's. And this makes the DM41X feel like a single calculator rather than a calculator with an assortment of ROM's. It's a subtle UX quality, but it's one that means that my DM41x is my most used non RPL HP calculator (and your MCODE conversions of key functions across your ROM's means that I rarely feel limited by 10 visible significant digits).
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