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HP-41: New HP-16C Emulator available
07-05-2022, 06:56 PM (This post was last modified: 07-07-2022 06:30 AM by Ángel Martin.)
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RE: HP-41: New HP-16C Emulator available
Jon, there was a wrong jump-to address in the 16* code but that was corrected in the version included in the previous post. With this correction the HP-16C simulator works fine on my DM-41X as well as on the CL an on V41. There's something obviously strange with what you're experiencing, it may be a version mismatch with the Library#4, so let's make sure we're on the same page first. Pls. use the versions in the attached zip container and we'll go from there.

Test case: Unsigned, 32 bits, Hex
16NPT "AbC"
16NPT "123"
16* -> shows: "H: C33b4"
LST16C -> shows: "H: 123"
16/ -> shows: "H: AbC"

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