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[go67/97 for Android] Creating .pck files in a text editor?
08-13-2015, 11:41 PM (This post was last modified: 08-17-2015 11:42 AM by Bill (Smithville NJ).)
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RE: [go67/97 for Android] Creating .pck files in a text editor?
I cleaned up the PCK2TXT program that can generate files listing the individual programs in the PCK file.

I have also created the TXT2PCK program which can create a PCK file from a list of program files.

NOTE: I have modified the programs and the xlate table to correct for some errors. Please re-download the latest utilities.

I have attached HP67 PCK UTILITIES.ZIP which includes the following files:

PCK2TXT.PAS The Turbo Pascal Source Code
PCT2TXT.EXE The compiled program
TXT2PCK.PAS Pascal Source
TXT2PCK.EXE Compiled program
XLATE.TXT The translation table HEX to Program Step
STD.PCK PCK file of the Standard Pack
Various PCK files and support files.

{Attachment has been removed due to problems with it}
{Please refer to Later Message in this Thread for current }
{file attachment}


MSDOS Turbo Pascal TP6 was used. This means the EXE file will need to be run in a DOSBOX window and file names are limited to 8.3 format.

Run the PCK2TXT program with the PACK file name as a parameter.
For Example: PCK2TXT STD.PCK

Run the TXT2PCK file with a File as a parameter that has a list of the Program Listings to include.
Where Standard contains the following list:


I have also entered a couple of programs from the EE(LAB) and Games Pack. If you execute: TXT2PCK MISC, then you will generate a PCK files with two programs: "Wire Table" from the EE(LAB) pack and "Risk" from the Games Pack.

Make sure the XLATE.TXT file is in the same directory. It is read to generate the HEX to Program Step Translation Table.

The program will use the first 8 characters of the Second Title on the Cards with the card number as the extension.
In the Standard PCK, this would be SD-01A.001, SD-02A.002, etc.

There is virtually NO error checking, so it is very possible that it may not always work, especially if the PCK file has been modified.

One last item - Since Turbo Pascal expects the text files to have CR/LF, you may need to run the pack files through UNIX2DOS utility to add the CR to a unix pack file that only has LF's.

Like I said - it's crude, but works for my purposes.

The XLATE.TXT file can be expanded at the bottom to include other variations of Program Steps. For Example, I had added "Run Stop" as the last line. Thus, the program listing could use either R/S or Run Stop as a program step. DO NOT modify or delete the first 256 lines (down to FF), since these are the normal program steps that are used.

Appreciate comments/suggestions.

Also feel free to modify to your hearts content.

Smithville, NJ

(Edited August 16: Updated the File Attachment to include TXT2PCK and for updates to all files. Also edited text above to reflect changes.)
(Edited August 16 - Removed File Attachment.)
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