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[go67/97 for Android] Creating .pck files in a text editor?
08-09-2015, 04:54 PM
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RE: [go67/97 for Android] Creating .pck files in a text editor?
I'm starting to think of how I want the Utilities to work.

The first Utility (cause it's the easiest to do) would take a PCK file and create multiple text files, one text file for each program in the PCK file. Each of these programs would have a header section that would be Program Title (two lines), Titles for Program Keys A-F, Titles for Program Keys a-f. Then the Listing for the complete program would follow.

I prefer to have each programs a separate file - I find it easier to work on it that way - rather than all 15 programs in one big file.

The Second Utility would take a list of Program Text files and create a PCK file converting the Program Listings into HEX records. This would allow for creating personal PCK files that could include programs from multiple locations (ie, you could combine programs from the Standard Pack with Programs from the Math Pack.)

The Translate Table from HEX to Program Step is pretty straight forward. Just use an Array of HEX versus Program STEP (ie, LBL A, GTO 1, SIN, etc)

The reverse, going from a text source listing to a hex code, needs a little more thinking through. For example, do we accept variations of a step? Is "ROLL UP" R^ or RUP? Or do I accept both variations? Is Arc Sin ASIN or SIN-1? There are several other similar questions. Most of this is settled by what was done with the HP-41 emulator listings and I'll follow that mostly.

Since I am "Old School". I will be creating the utilities in Turbo Pascal for DOS. These will be pretty crude, but hopefully work for my purposes.

Smithville, NJ
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