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HP50g or other: U. of Houston calc exams
08-06-2015, 09:31 AM (This post was last modified: 08-06-2015 09:33 AM by Joe Horn.)
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RE: HP50g or other: U. of Houston calc exams
(08-05-2015 06:40 PM)Brad Barton Wrote:  
(08-05-2015 04:58 AM)Peter Murphy Wrote:  I found problem 20 tedious, because the 50g provides no direct way (I think) to create a vector in polar coordinates from its radial and angular coordinates.

What about MTH>VECTR> ->V2 ?

You can also type polar vectors directly into the command line, in either parentheses or square brackets:

(2 ∡3)
[2 ∡3]

The angle symbol is obtained by pressing ALPHA left-shift 6. When you press ENTER, the angle will be interpreted according to the current DEG/RAD/GRAD setting, and the vector will be displayed according to the current RECT/CYLIN/SPHERE setting. 3D vectors of course can only be typed in square brackets, not parentheses:

[1 ∡2 ∡3] or [1 ∡2 3]

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