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Inaccuracy of TAN near 75° in rad mode
06-30-2015, 03:18 PM (This post was last modified: 07-01-2015 02:36 AM by Marcio.)
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Inaccuracy of TAN near 75° in rad mode

It seems the 34s is having troubles getting the 10th digit correct when it evaluates the tangent of angles near 75 degrees in radians mode. I know this looks kinda silly but I thought it would be worth reporting.

\(TAN\left(73\frac{\pi}{180}\right) = 3.27085261848\leftarrow ...53\)

\(TAN\left(75\frac{\pi}{180}\right) = 3.73205080757\leftarrow ...48\)

\(TAN\left(77\frac{\pi}{180}\right) = 4.33147587428\leftarrow...17\)

The left arrow indicates what the last 2 digits should be.

Both sine and cosine are getting all digits right.



CORRECTION: All answers given by the 34s in this thread are correct. The calculators I used to compare the results, those being the 50g, Prime and 35s, output inaccurate results for two main reasons, the first was the limited precision (12 digits) and the second was the numerical inaccuracy of tan as the angles approache 90 degrees. Read on for details!
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