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New user setting up HP 41CX
01-13-2014, 05:28 AM
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New user setting up HP 41CX
Happy New Years!

About a week ago, I picked up an HP 41CX. It came with two memory modules and an advantage module. It's an impressive piece of hardware. Definitely ahead of its time and more of a computer than a calculator. Of course, the keyboard is a pleasure to use.

I've been happily reading the manuals and trying the examples. I had a couple of questions:
1) where can I find port cover caps? ebay? (in case I want to remove the modules to save power.) I have a friend who has a 3d printer - that could be an option.

2) the XEQ concept is very powerful however it will result in a lot of typing. I think I will have to setup the USER mode for most used functions.

I'm an electrical engineer and I use a few formulas (voltage regulators, resistor dividers, L/C formulas, pcb impedance calculations, etc.) and of course TVM for home use. I already assigned the shift+9 (T) to run "TVM".

I am thinking writing small programs to set the USER assignments for several different use cases (programming, electrical, financial, etc.). So I need to come up with a logical/natural assignment scheme because it will be difficult to remember what was assigned to what.

I'm curious how people set up their 41 USER modes.

3) Other than reading manuals, what else should I learn & setup to make it more useful for me?

The way things are going, my calculator trio is becoming 41cx, 17bii and prime Smile
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