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RE: Astronomy...
(06-22-2015 06:26 PM)Marcel Wrote:  Hi Salvomic
We can calculate Delta T with some analytical way but this is not always precise. In fact we know the value of Delta T after the year. For instance, we will know the value for the year 2015, in 2016! This is a correction or a difference between two times scales.

In my app's, many data are in variable associate with the App. You can see these var if you click on the "var" tab in the conn kit. At this point this is more complex than your technique because many calculations most been done with these data in a FOR statement. If you check for the book of Jean Meeus on the internet, you will learn how to use that data.

hi Marcel,
thank you for info.
I found the book of Meeus, yes, but just few minutes ago...
But I should rewrite all the program to conform 100% to it, and in this case there is already your app...
So, I'm trying to improve something adding formulas by Meeus to those by Bouiges. It isn't an easy job, hi...

Now, to improve Sun precision I should add at least 15 parameters, and solve the Keplero equation:
u - e sin(u) = M
in the var u, given e (eccentricity, by formula, ok) and M (anomaly), stopping it when the last iteration is no more great than previous for 1/10000, then calc v with u (v=acos(cos(u)-e/1-e*cos(u))) and so on...

Any hint to solve that equation?
I tried solve() but without luck...

thank you

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