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HP19BII: Is it still worth anything?
06-18-2015, 07:21 AM
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RE: HP19BII: Is it still worth anything?
(06-18-2015 02:46 AM)celsoglima Wrote:  I have an HP 19BII in its original packaging that I purchased back in 2005. I was wondering if this calculator is still worth anything to anybody. It was purchased when I enrolled in a MBA program at a local university. There is a long story why this calculator was never used, stored in a box and forgotten. I found it in a box with some other items about a year ago and have been wondering since then what to do about it. It still has the price tag on it, and the local store I got it from is not around anymore. :-)

If it is such a late model, it will probably have the new battery door (in the back, instead of in the side as earlier models). This makes it quite desirable, as the side battery door is prone to failures (both in the door and in the calculator body). It also has a bit darker body plastic.

If you take a look arround auction sites you will see that those calculators often sell between $100 and $200, or even more in "new old stock" units as yours. They are interesting models for collectors... (apart from fantastic models for users, as they combine with the obvious, and complete, financial functions, a big 3 line screen, HP solver application, full set of scientific functions, list based statistics...).
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