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WP 34S Libraries and Programs
05-27-2015, 09:19 AM
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RE: WP 34S Libraries and Programs
(05-27-2015 12:07 AM)AnalogJoe Wrote:  oops Im in trouble here, Im trying to retype the entire code through the keyboard, but there are a LOT of things I have no idea what the code means, for instance:

****LBL 11 // [A] within editor: Back to square 1
again:: # 1 // start with (1,1)

I highlighted in bold again:: # 1 what does that mean?, is it like a label, or a command or what? how am I supposed to enter that?

or for example here:

CL[alpha] // Display row and column
[alpha]IP I
" "
[alpha]IP J
" "
FS? 00
What about those " " and "f" what does that mean?

Such code is intended to be assembled by the assembler. You can type it with your preferred ASCII editor in your PC, then assemble them with the proper software and then download it to the machine.

Or you must make the assembling manually and type the assembled output directly on the machine. CL[alpha] is the clear alpha command in yellow below the backspace key, [alpha]IP can be found in the X.FCN catalogue (a letter alpha followed by IP) and so on.
Labels (label:: ) can be replaced by LBL nn commands (nn being a number of your choice) and JMP label by GTO nn. This is cumbersome, error prone and, definitely, less desirable that using the assembler.

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