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Difference between SOLVE and solve
05-22-2015, 05:30 AM
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RE: Difference between SOLVE and solve

In the case of IRR, where you are doing purely numerical calculations, Solve.SOLVE is the best solution.

If you are using the SOLVE command in an app program that belong to an app that is based on Solve, there is no need to do Solve.SOLVE, but SOLVE is enough.

If you are doing it from the command line and the current app is a copy of Solve, SOLVE is also enough.

To do something generic that will work everywhere, you need to do Solve.SOLVE.

solve and fsolve are CAS functions and are designed to work more on CAS objects. Since the equation that you are trying to solve is a numerical function, using CAS functions will be very inefficient as you will be repetitively having to convert from CAS to non CAS.

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