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HP-41 and video interface 82163a / 92198a
05-19-2015, 05:20 PM
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RE: HP-41 and video interface 82163a / 92198a
The utility of listing programs is evident after one covers a table top with 80' of 82162 paper.


Now that I have an HP3468, a 'giant' display might be something I'd consider too.

Back in the 80s, I made a 50 year calendar VHS tape for an aunt and uncle's anniversary party present. Hopefully they were never so bored with their marriage they played the tape in it's entirety.

Anyone connecting the video interface I'd advise to use an LCD monitor or TV, a plasma TV would be prey to burn in issues, (something I've managed to do to my big Panny with 4:3 content).

2speed HP41CX,int2XMEM+ZEN, HPIL+DEVEL, HPIL+X/IO, I/R, 82143, 82163, 82162 -25,35,45,55,65,67,70,80
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