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Bit and / or Marcus: help setting up Ubuntu Linux for flashing with MySamBa
04-04-2015, 01:48 AM
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RE: Bit and / or Marcus: help setting up Ubuntu Linux for flashing with MySamBa
(04-04-2015 01:03 AM)John Galt Wrote:  First thank you both (and others) for your help getting me to configure Ubuntu Linix in a VM so that I can use MySamBa on a Mac.

It was working wonderfully until I messed it up. I inadvertently wiped out my Linux partiton and had to create it from scratch again. Now, I am stuck at a point that should be simple for a Unix expert to fix, but I am not a Unix expert.

I would like to use Minicom to ensure my serial loopback works before attempting to use MySamBa. However, I cannot determine how to get Minicom to recognize the serial port as I did so easily in the past.

For background, this is what I would like to do:

This is what is happening now:

john@john-VirtualBox:~$ minicom
minicom: cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0: No such file or directory
john@john-VirtualBox:~$ ls /dev/ttyUSB0
john@john-VirtualBox:~$ minicom /dev/ttyUSB0
minicom: cannot open /dev/tty8: Permission denied

I already created the symbolic link, and I think it's correct:

john@john-VirtualBox:~$ ls -la /dev/ttyUSB0
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 Mar 29 22:17 /dev/ttyUSB0 -> com1

I am not able to store Minicom's default port parameters. If I attempt to store them Mincom replies "Error: Cannot write to /etc/minicom/minirc.dfl"

What am I doing wrong?

Obviously attempting to use MySamBa fails because I do not understand how Unix communicates to the serial port, and I already bridked one calculator due to my own ineptitude. I am trying to avoid repeating that mistake.
Your symbolic link is incorrect. it should be made like this.

ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 .wine/dosdevices/com1

This is because the wine system looks in the .wine/dosdevices directory for these device symlinks.
With regard to your minicom problems you could try running minicom as root and you would not get
the permission error about writing to the /etc/minicom/minirc.dfl

Also if you run minicom with the -s paramter it will take you straight into the setup menu where you can
select serial port setup and pick serial device and set it to /dev/ttyUSB0

Hope this was helpful.
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