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'91 TDS 256KB RAM Card for the HP-48 SX
03-19-2015, 01:15 PM
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RE: '91 TDS 256KB RAM Card for the HP-48 SX
(03-19-2015 04:59 AM)MattiMark Wrote:  Hi,
I have recently aquired a TDS 256KB RAM card for the HP-48 SX. Unfortunately I cannot find any means to use it since I imagine that I need a bank switch (have never used such program). The SuperSwitch on site states that it can be used with the GX-model that was introduced in 1993. Documentation in french that I do not master...

Can someone please clarify the situation?


I did not think a 48SX could use a card above 128KB, but perhaps the TDS card was special. On a GX, cards larger than 128KB are seen as having additional ports, each 128KB in size, so this card may look like ports :2 and :3 if installed in physical port-2. So maybe it's all thee, but you just didn't see it there?

--Bob Prosperi
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