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HP-71B Overlay Scans
03-10-2015, 06:35 PM
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RE: HP-71B Overlay Scans
(03-10-2015 02:01 AM)rprosperi Wrote:  In a discussion about trading some items, Mark Hardman noted that many of the HP-71B Application ROM Overlays are not available anywhere, and ultimately lead to the idea to share them here for Forum members.

These overlays were scanned at 300 dpi in full color to uncompressed TIF files, to provide high-quality images to print, copy, etc. so do note that the files are large (links below are for zip files to reduce file size and download time).

Here are links to the following Overlays shared on OneDrive:

Finance ROM

Text Editor ROM

RPN Calculator (uses RPN.BIN, not RPN.LEX)

If you have other 71B overlays, please consider sharing a scanned copy with the rest of us.


Could you please add the HP-41 Translator for HP-71 overlay to your host and the OP? That way they are all in one place. Also, there are several members of The Community that are, understandably, adverse to using Google.


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