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Does the HP-35S need a 'guide for dummies' how-to guide?
03-12-2015, 05:25 AM
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RE: Does the HP-35S need a 'guide for dummies' how-to guide?
(03-08-2015 12:11 PM)MagyarBoy Wrote:  My question is, would the potential users of this calculator, benefit from such a guide? Basically a guide for the complete newbie.

The answer is yes. The answer goes back to Walter's RTFM comment. He does not make the comment because there's a (problem), nor does he make the comment (IMHO) because he wrote a book... he makes the comment because 'he' learns best by 'reading'.

I have been a teacher for many years... everything from theology to sailing, and computers and engineering in the middle. Every good teacher knows that their students are going to fall into at least five learning modes... and to reach each of those students the teacher must address EACH of those modes. Some learn best by 'hearing,' some best by tactile manipulation, some learn best through 'reading,' and many students use a combination particular to their home of origin, their mother language, the ideals of their parents, and the techniques used by 'their' teachers growing up.

There will 'always' be people who will benefit from a manual. I learn best from 'doing' and from 'hearing'. I want to do it myself, and I want to ask questions; and get answers (I can read, of course, but I prefer to 'hear' and to 'do'). Some people are quite the opposite... they would rather 'read' ... and for them, the manual is perfect.

Having said all of that, I still love books, and I have a personal library with thousands of books--- I always buy the manual if its available; just because. I even bought Walter's book... and I love it!

Go ahead, write it... I'd like a copy!


Kind regards,
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