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Open discussion: should newRPL change target hardware?
03-09-2015, 04:23 PM
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RE: Open discussion: should newRPL change target hardware?
(03-08-2015 08:19 AM)Paul Dale Wrote:  I'd target the Prime -- it will be available for the foreseeable future. The 50g will quickly become a collectable Sad Moreover, the 50g has RPL already so a second implementation isn't a big change. The Prime doesn't so you'd be doing something new.

If it were me, I'd ask HP nicely about the possibility of developing a RPL app for the Prime. I don't know what the official stance would be but asking can't hurt.

- Pauli

An SDK from HP? Won't happen, opening the platform could jeopardize their precious exam approvals. TI puts a lot of effort to block Ndless on the NSpire for that reason. We should expect something similar from HP and wouldn't blame them, they have to protect their business.

Currently I'm leaning more towards the 50g. Why?
People buying Primes today could care less about having RPL, so they are very unlikely to flash an alternative OS.
The only real reason to target the Prime would be so people using 50g's today can "switch" to a Prime with newRPL. But one thing is to reflash an inexpensive 30b and a different one is to do that with a US $100+ device. I see some resistance there.
Many people with 50g's today are happy with their machines, so there will be resistance to change too.
On the other hand, the same people with a 50g on their hands (that has already been given the death sentence), being offered speed+grayscale+more RAM available+SDHC compatibility... will at least give it a try.
But nothing is set in stone, the discussion is still open.

Availability of hardware is a very good point, tough. [...Thinking out loud...] With the 30b and 20b gone, and also with Eric and team taking so long on the 43S hardware (and huge cost associated with it) perhaps we should all join forces and create an alternative OS to target the Prime. Then the Prime could be THE calculator hardware, and the user can flash a rom with classic RPN mode 34s/43s, or newRPL at their choice (switchable from the UI, not flashing 2 separate roms).
You've always said you needed more space for features: There's plenty of room for everybody's project in the Prime hardware.
If this coordinated effort were to happen, then I'd definitely choose the Prime and go with the flow. The extra effort would be spread across more people and would be definitely worth it.

What are the future plans for your projects? How is the 34S team going to handle the lack of hardware? You have one finished project on dead hardware and a prospective project on prospective hardware. I have a half-baked project, on hardware with its days numbered.
Perhaps we should all jump to a bigger boat to stay afloat? (yes... ok, battleship)

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