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Serial Port Downloads to 41CL
02-24-2015, 09:49 PM
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RE: Serial Port Downloads to 41CL
(02-24-2015 09:11 PM)rwiker Wrote:  
(02-24-2015 02:30 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  Thanks for the comments and suggestions Frido.

COM1 is already in use connected to my UPS, so I'm using COM2 for 41CL. COM2 is known to work OK.

Are you using 64-bit windows? If so, could you email me the 2 programs?

I did set Baud rate to 4800 in Device Manager. I assumed N-8-1 as well.

I will try uploading a file, an obvious and simple step I missed.

After that if the Python program doesn't work, a terminal program is next.


Are you sure that the cable and internal connections are working as they should?

It should not be necessary to do any setup in Device Manager, as CLWriter/CLReader both set up the serial port with 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit and no hardware handshaking.

You should also be able to compile the programs yourself – if you have the .NET runtime installed, the C# compiler should also be available. (That's one of the reasons that these two small programs are published as source; the other is that source code distributions are a bit safer than binary distributions – at least for trivial code like this.)

Thank you for these insights Ray. I had no idea the .NET runtime included the C# compiler! I was wondering why such a useful contribution would be in source only, so the joke's on me for not knowing this. Another member is sending them as well in .exe format but I will try this as well.

I am not 100% sure of the hardware. I think it's all OK as it assembled easily w/o any issues, but until I get a absolutely known good config to not work, it's impossible to blame h/w vs s/w, etc. This is why I've been asking if your programs are known to work on 64-bit Win-7 (it's amazing how many folks are still running XP here...), and seems like the answer is yes.

I will test this tonite.

It also appears the posted version of the programs handles the byte-swapping needed as noted in one of Angels manuals. I guess this is an improved version

Note: as all the other serial transfer solutions on the CL File Area web-page are source only (mostly scripts for other runtimes) I assumed there was some unstated reason for not posting binaries. Maybe ask Monte to add a note clarifying the runtime includes the compiler and anyone can simply use the commands as stated. Sometimes, we over-think the simple things...

Thank you!

--Bob Prosperi
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