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[34S] Proposal for Entry RPN mode with dynamic stack
02-28-2015, 10:15 PM (This post was last modified: 02-28-2015 10:52 PM by BarryMead.)
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RE: [34S] Proposal for Entry RPN mode with dynamic stack
(02-28-2015 08:18 PM)walter b Wrote:  Eri, thanks for your kind words. Reasons, however, didn't change in the last 12 months. WP 34S is strictly classic RPN. WP 31S as well. They will remain this way as long as I'm responsible for their UI.

Anyone prefering RPL feel free to create an RePeLlent calculator. I won't.

I completely agree with Walter on this one. I own a TI-85, an HP-50g and several WP-34s calculators. I personally never use the HP-50g because it's interface is not as logical, intuitive, clean, and well planned as the WP-34s's user interface. Walter and Palui did a superb job of making the WP-34s capable, and intuitive! This is no small task. Sure the HP-50g has tons of functions, but they are not easy to remember or use. I know I am going to catch hell for saying this, but it seems to me that the HP-50g was designed by a committee rather than a single well organized mind. They threw everything but the kitchen sink into the HP-50g calculator, but it isn't consistent, logical, well organized, or intuitive. I have to watch training videos and read the manual for hours just to make it do simple things. With the WP-34s you can make it do all of the standard simple things without even opening the manual, and the well organized IOP in the manual makes it easy to look up the exotic functions when you need them. When I really need a graphing calculator, I prefer to use the less capable TI-85 to the HP-50g, because it has a logical intuitive user interface. Also I have a Linux desktop emulator for the TI-85 and can't find one for the HP-50g.
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