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WP34S (SENDL) Is it Practical/Possibe
02-13-2015, 06:43 AM
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RE: WP34S (SENDL) Is it Practical/Possibe

First you accuse a member of being illiterate for not memorizing a 300 page manual. Then you say in direct reference to another one's posts:
"Go to your sandbox behind the bushes, play there, and reinvent the wheel. But don't expect the grown-ups being as excited as you are about your discoveries. You might understand later, why." That was a busy two days.

You are the most arrogant, egotistic, boastful, grandiose, imperious, overbearing, pretentious, self-centered, self-important, bloated, conceited, flatulent, flaunting, inflated, magniloquent, narcissistic, orotund, overblown, pontifical, pompous, pretentious, puffed up, supercilious, nagging, vainglorious, and windy ass on this site. Actually, you're the only one. With over 2000 of us; that's going some.

When the main programmer and the mathematician on the 34s answer a question, they may infer that someone's idea or method is more difficult or slow and offer a better one. They never say it is stupid. They don't insult fellow members. You now have a long weekend to reflect on why their way is less self defeating.
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