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Problem calculating an expression with roots
01-31-2015, 09:59 PM
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RE: Problem calculating an expression with roots
Wow, how to complicate easy things!
Actually you only have to sum/subtract the exponents...

I'm comparing HP Prime and TI nspire CAS, I have to choose one to propose for the students in the school where I work, so I try some calculation we do at school with both of them.
The TI transforms

\( \frac{\sqrt{3}*\sqrt[3]{2*x}}{\sqrt[4]{3*x}} \)


\(2^{1/3}*3^{1/4}*x^{1/12} \)

in no time.

I will not say that I will choose TI because of that, the prime is better then TI in many other things, but I can not understand how a CAS calculator can not simplify something so easy. If the TI does it, then it should be possible also on the Prime hardware.
Does it mean that the Prime can not simplify any expressions with roots at the denominator or with negative fractional exponents? That would be really limiting for the use in a school...

Thank you for the answer.

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