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Approximate pi to 24 digits via keyboard
02-01-2015, 05:34 PM
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RE: Approximate pi to 24 digits via keyboard
(02-01-2015 04:27 PM)Thomas Klemm Wrote:  Isn't the result given by the HP-41C or HP-15C more appropriate than returning 12 digits like the HP-48G? Since we can't enter more than 12 digits why should the calculator assume that next 12 digits are all 0? But that's exactly what happens:

Yes, that's right. But in all other cases the calculator also assumes that the input is an exact 10 or 12 digit value. The only other option is returning an interval, i.e. the result for x–0,5 ULP and x+0,5 ULP.

Consider this:

1003          e^x   =>    3,95699361019 E+435

1003,00000001 e^x   =>    3,95699364976 E+435

1002,99999999 e^x   =>    3,95699357062 E+435

So should the calculator drop the last four digits and return 3,9569936 E+435 for e1003 instead?

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