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New HP-35 simulator for iPhone
01-31-2015, 11:28 PM
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RE: New HP-35 simulator for iPhone
(01-31-2015 10:05 AM)Willy R. Kunz Wrote:  
(01-30-2015 10:41 PM)PANAMATIK Wrote:  Did you use original HP microcode emulation for your emulator?

Thanks Bernhard

No, all my calculators are built from scratch, based on physical models and manuals. That's why I call them simulators, rather than emulators. (Besides, I don't think microcode is available for the HP-70.)
The advantage of simulators is total freedom in expanding the capabilities of the calculator in any way you wish.
Since I don't own an HP-35 anymore, in order to verify RPN-35's proper operation, I relied on Maciej Bartosiak's emulator, which is microcode-based.

Yes, simulation is faster and is open for any expansion but needs more work and never is exactly the original. I felt some limits of emulation in my ACT HP-25 emulator, i.e. I coudn't give a single program more than 49 program steps. However the hardware can be updated any time if somebody (me?) writes HP-25 simulator code from scratch, using C standard math.

If somebody needs the HP-70 microcode, I would be able to extract it, if he can give me an HP-70 and allows me to take it apart.

Just to mention this another time: Your simulators are great and I like the photorealistic skin. For my taste it would be even more perfect, if the info and setting symbols would be invisible.

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