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WP34s flash technical erase procedure
01-30-2015, 11:28 AM
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RE: WP34s flash technical erase procedure
(01-30-2015 03:43 AM)John Galt Wrote:  The LM1117 was a significant reason for building the box. The last thing I want to worry about is flaky power. Will the calculator erase properly with inadequate power? Who knows. I suspect that lies at the crux of your miseries.

hi John, actually, I think you misunderstood me; I'm having no miseries... all is good, I have successfully flashed two units and they're working great. I just had an idea for making the manual a little clearer--- that's what Walter and I were discussing.

The FTDI adapter I'm using has plenty of power on the 3.3v line. That little device was specifically designed to work with the Arduino micro controller (hence the two voltages)... and will power it too! Any way, so far so good. I'm not sure how much current the actual flash procedure uses (let's measure it) anyway the 30b only consumes .25mw/ The voltage drop is 3.0 volts while the unit is being powered from the FTDI. I have flashed from batteries with a voltage reading of 2.6 volts.... so, the adapter is doing well.

After I have some time to measure the voltage/current during flash I'll get back to you.


Kind regards,
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