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WP34s Repurposing Journey PhotoJournal
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RE: WP34s Repurposing Journey PhotoJournal
When this penny was mint fresh in San Francisco President Nixon 'was not a crook' and was still in office... I was a sophomore in high school... and the HP35 was still a gleam in old man Hewlett's eye; the HP35 was launched in 1972. The two little objects that look something like grains of table salt are the 18pf caps that need to be soldered in place, along with the 32.768 Khz watch crystal at the right. I spent some considerable time watching Eric's video, and filing a very clean sharp tip on my soldering iron. Yes, I believe in meditation and prayer.

[Image: pennyCapsCrystal.jpg]

I used paste flux on the end of a tooth pick to prepare the places that needed the C3 C4 caps, and of course the two pads for the crystal. With surface mount stuff you pretty much get one shot, and don't screw up! One cap (C3) is slightly crooked (do I care?) NO! No cold solder connections, the machine booted up, and the system recognized the crystal... whoohoo--- if it ain't broke, don't fix it. (if y'all can do better, God bless you...)

[Image: crystal_installed.jpg]

You might have noticed that the COB blob is just about the same size as the penny... the entire system is in that blob of epoxy; astounding, really.


Kind regards,
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