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SandMath/Matrix and others: Module Updates Available
12-24-2014, 05:03 PM
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RE: SandMath/Matrix and others: Module Updates Available
Yes, indeed, unbelievable, thank you, Angel!

Angel, are you in search for new challenges for the next year?
What about a BASIC interpreter for the 41CL - speed and memory size should be sufficient! Just the display width is poor, I know ...

My wish ( dream :-) ) is a result from the following observation:
FOCAL language is totally overchallenged with matrix expressions that are very common in numerical mathematics: terms like K(i,j) = M(i,k) * N(k,l) + P(l,j) f.e. are easily implemeted in BASIC, easy to read and edit and quite fast. Try this with the CCD Module matrix functions - possible, of course, but somewhat ridiculous.
So even if the implementation of a complete BASIC environment might not be an option, a BASIC subset for definition of matrix and vektor calculations would be very helpful, and feasible perhaps.
Such a definition could be done in form of an alpha string which is interpreted by the function that follows immediately ( in a FOCAL program).
I know that there are special functions for row- and column-sums, determinants, cross-products ... but that doesn't really help much. Real-world numerical algorithms ( like differential equation solvers, simplex method etc. ) always need individual combinations of matrix elements that cannot be reduced to standard functions like the above mentioned ones!
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