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[WP-34S] Cable and flashing options for Mac users
01-01-2015, 07:38 PM
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RE: [WP-34S] Cable and flashing options for Mac users
Thank you Dave, that's very gracious of you but I don't want you to go through the trouble.

I can obtain BeCu strip for a lot less than $50, my only question is the proper thickness. Is the thickness you used adequate, or would you have preferred thicker?

Rather than cannibalize one of the ribbon cable assemblies, I determined the machined pins in the header strips Katie used can be removed by pulling them out, leaving slightly oversized but properly spaced holes that can be filled in with epoxy or something similar. Epoxy would also secure the strips to each other, and to the existing socket. Two header strip thicknesses would adequately support the pins. Using a third might even fit the recess in the calculator, while leaving enough spring pin travel for reliable contact.

That, and the clip ought to closely resemble the connector you built.

Once again thanks, and happy new year!
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