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Stolen HP's, anyone unlucky like me ?
10-07-2014, 06:09 PM
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RE: Stolen HP's, anyone unlucky like me ?
My 29C was stolen from a backpack in high school. I can't remember if that led to my upgrade to a 41C. Months later, the dean called me in and handed me my 29C! He said that a teacher had noticed it and 3 other calculators in a bag in the trash and retrieved them. What are the odds??

Decades later I was a trustee at a private elementary school and got to know a little about how schools work. Only then did I realize that the Dean was probably lying. It was much more likely that they had discovered a student with 3 (or more) calculators... with other people's names on them... and confronted him. They made up the story to prevent me and the others from going after him.
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