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PDF versions of WP 31S and WP 34S manuals?
08-16-2014, 08:04 AM
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RE: PDF versions of WP 31S and WP 34S manuals?

I think the text below is what you wanted to write. I just inserted some quote tags:

(08-15-2014 08:13 PM)ovael Wrote:  
(08-15-2014 07:36 PM)walter b Wrote:  Hyvää päivää Antti,
Guten Tag Walter!
Quote:With respect to PDF manuals, you find sufficient statements in previous posts IMHO. Please check. If you find an aspect not covered yet, don't hesitate to ask again.
Yes, I read the thread more carefully after anetzer pointed it out. I skipped too much when initially reading it since it was mostly about payments and shipping information. And forgot to use search... And this is not a new aspect but for a new rpn user like me readily available documentation would be really helpfull. But I think there was a mention about non spiral bound manuals that would be printed on demand so I guess that covers it.
Quote:With respect to a spiral bound manual: There's one person who didn't react and since the time limit has expired, I can offer you that book.
Yes, I would like that manual. Just send me payment information. I would prefer direct bank transfer if that's ok but what suits you best is fine.
Quote:(Please use <Quote> for responding in the future, <New reply> is just a button doing more bad than good - but apparently we can't get rid of that latter button.)

I tried to do this. Let's see how it works... Well it didn't work quite the way i wanted :-)

I admit I made it difficult by mentioning the <Quote> button in my prior post in rectangular brackets inadvertantly. You can look at the solution in detail by quoting it. BTW, pressing <Quote> just files a reply correctly - you can delete all the old text and it still works.

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