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[WP 34S] Julian day number conversion bug
08-03-2014, 06:07 PM (This post was last modified: 08-03-2014 07:33 PM by Damien.)
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RE: [WP 34S] Julian day number conversion bug
Hi Walter,

Quote:Maybe I'm too dumb for this, but how do you plan to enter such events? Let's take the date of the battle of Marathon, for example.

i am sure you are not,

Imagine you are an historian (or just keen on history) and you have an old persian calendar which gives you a chronology of the same battle but from the persian Empire point of view; it would be interesting to compare dates. if you know the inner mechanism of that old primitif persian calendar, it can be converted to JDN, because JDN is only a count of elapsed days starting from 0 (1/01/4713 BC) to now.

History books dates the Battle of Marathon to august or september 490 BC (julian calendar). Here the JDN conversion is easy to do.

Then it becomes easy to compare dates which use the same unit of measurement !



Sorry for my english, but it is the second longest post I wrote this year ! I know i need to practice...) Smile !!
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