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HP 48G Linear Regression Best Fit Line
12-09-2021, 10:05 PM
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RE: HP 48G Linear Regression Best Fit Line
(12-09-2021 01:34 AM)MNH Wrote:  
(12-08-2021 10:41 AM)Rodger Rosenbaum Wrote:  MNH, have a look at the topic "Orthogonal regression" near the bottom of this page:
Is that what you are looking for?

After a quick glance, yes.

Note the above is an orthogonal least squares (ORLS) regression rather than an orthogonal absolute value (ORLAV) regression. There are algorithms for the latter (ORLAV), such as those described by the following:

  1. T.M.Cavalier and B.J.Melloy, An Iterative Linear Programming solution to the Euclidean Regression Model. Computers Ops Res. 18, 655-661 (1991).
  2. Orthogonal Linear Regression Algorithm Based On Augmented Matrix Formulation –Andrzej Bargiela, Joanna K. Hartley, Burton St, Nottingham NG1 4BU

Here is a link to a copy of the second paper cited above (a bit math heavy, perhaps):

— Ian Abbott
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