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Valentín's website update thread - comments and appreciation
10-14-2021, 01:24 AM
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RE: Valentín's website update thread - comments and appreciation
(10-13-2021 09:40 PM)Valentin Albillo Wrote:  The maximum number of characters per post must be enormous, just consider my posted original solutions to my latest S&S Math Challenge or even my recent post for the previous Update, i.e., Update #28.

As every Update from now on will take just one or two lines of added text at most, it would be possible to add hundreds of updates in the one post before the limit (if any) is reached, and well before that I'd have stopped posting in the MoHPC fora.

I am not sure of the limit, but I know when Sylvain was creating his epic posting of his HP-71B Compendium, he was forced to break it into 4 separate posts as a single post could not hold it all (though it was truly enormous...).

Since new updates will be limited to just a few lines, I agree this approach makes good sense. I thought future updates would be for many items, similar to past updates.

(10-13-2021 09:40 PM)Valentin Albillo Wrote:  I don't understand. The previous posts in the Updates thread for Updates #1 to #28 will not be edited ever (at least by me), so they'll remain intact indefinitely. And the one post for all Updates #29, #30, ..., will not include comments about the new items, other than a brief 1- or 2-line indication of the Updates' content.

Sorry, my intention was to say that if new updates were large, and were to eventually exceed the single-post limit, you would have to cut some of the earlier content in that new post. But ignore this, based on incorrect assumptions.

(10-13-2021 09:40 PM)Valentin Albillo Wrote:  Judging by ijabbott's reply and yours, it seems my (allegedly) simple and clear post has been thoroughly misunderstood, can't figure why.

I did indeed misread your post, and like ijabbott, thought your intention was to have a message indeed be at the top; a slower reading clarifies your point.

However, I'll add here that I truly prefer new posts (including updates) actually be at the top, to get my attention that there is something new to explore. Updating a post whose original posting may be weeks or months old means that it is down, well below the fold, and thus out of sight. It will only be seen by folks that think to bookmark the post and then go check it to see if there has been an update.

One easy way to achieve both is to copy/paste the prior posting into a new one, add the new content for the update and then post it. Once done, the prior post can be easily deleted, since all that content is now in the new one.

--Bob Prosperi
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