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Intenal Object format
08-04-2021, 11:58 PM
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RE: Intenal Object format
(08-04-2021 06:45 PM)devin122 Wrote:  I have very much been keeping that in mind, as I would hate to see more restrictions put on the calculator. In fact, I have picked up some details about exam mode which I have no intention of sharing for the reason that it would really not serve any purpose other than defeating the exam mode. This info however I felt might be interesting to some people, and the risk of abuse seems relatively low. Plus, in order to use this info for nefarious purposes would require a level of skill which means you could figure it out on your own.


Most object types are quite straight forward. If there is any specific info you want go ahead and ask and if can will provide. However looks like you already are able to get what you want pretty easily so far so... Smile


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