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Charging HP Prime G2
07-28-2021, 02:15 PM
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RE: Charging HP Prime G2
(07-08-2021 04:06 PM)Dougggg Wrote:  I kinda noticed some anomalies when charging the g2. After charging all night and turned on the lightning bolt was still on and when unpluged it was a 100%. Other times after charging for awhile when i un plugged it would show 100% but then would then drop to 75% and other times even down to 50%. But the battery life seems good though

The exactly same problem here.

At first I thought it was a battery problem, but when I got a new battery, it was the same problem. I used the original charger with 5V1A + the original microusb cable, charging overnight, and after unplugging, the power on instantly showed 100%, then after a few seconds it became 75%, and sometimes even became 50%. But actually the rest of the calculator works fine.

Maybe there is a problem with the calculation of the battery voltage, I don't care about that anymore.
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