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SR-52/56 Merged Keystrokes
07-04-2021, 03:10 PM
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RE: SR-52/56 Merged Keystrokes
Personally, I find the 59 quite nice to work with, pardon the use of AOS instead of RPN. But to its credit, it does have an 8-level AOS stack, so you can compute even the most unrealistically complicated expressions. In terms of capabilities, it definitely beats the HP 67 and 97, and I say that as someone who owns a 97 that's in perfect working condition! If there's one thing that bugs me about TI programming, it's that conditional tests can only be followed by an implied GTO, but given the large number of labels, and options of line-number and indirect addressing, it's more an annoyance than a real constraint. And by popping it onto the PC-100, you get some basic alphanumeric output capability, which is nice to have.

I've got a bunch of blank mag cards for my 59. I need to start writing some more programs and using them. Smile
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