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HP9114A Replacement Battery Box HP88014B
05-01-2021, 08:00 PM
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RE: HP9114A Replacement Battery Box HP88014B
(04-28-2021 01:32 PM)pamphonica Wrote:  OK, that's useful to know. I use a Cetus3D which has proprietary software so I needed to clarify it.
In the end I just added the relevant switches into the OpenSCAD code to allow for the design and final versions, so the final stl files will all be correctly orientated.
I've put the stl files up on Thingiverse so anyone can use them.



Thanks for posting this, I printed one and you design is excellent the fit and finish are great. I have some inline style of the internal connectors but I think I can make them work, now if I a fit a small power supply inside I will be all set.

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