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Elekstube IPS displays - does anybody know them?
01-18-2021, 02:40 PM
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Elekstube IPS displays - does anybody know them?

I am a big fan of "glow-in-the-dark"-displays of all kind, for calculators as well as for other objects. This includes Nixie clocks (I have two readymade ones, two selfmade ones and engough parts to make two or three more...).

Recently I have come across the "Elekstube IPS" clock, made in China obviously. A description and review can be found here: Every digit is a little color LCD screen about 25mm (one inch) high and with a good resolution (135x240 pixels). One can select from a range of supplied display styles but it is also possible to upload one's own images. Even grey-on-grey 14 segment HP-41 style digits if one would wish so...

Now these displays would be very useful for a DIY desktop calculator if only one could buy them separately. Therefore my question: Has anyone seen anything like it yet or happens to know a source for them?

Of course I coudn't resist and ordered one of these clocks from Aliexpress (101 Euros shipping included). But it will take a couple of weeks until it gets here.

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