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RPNcalc+ free colorful web calculator
11-22-2020, 06:14 PM
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RE: RPNcalc+ free colorful web calculator
(11-22-2020 01:40 PM)Albert Chan Wrote: issues:
  1. "PI 1e15 *" gives error "maximumFractionDigits value is out of range"
  2. LN not working, "100 LN" gives 2, same as "100 LOG"
  3. 10^X not working. "100 10^X" give 10, then "LOG" crashed: "[DecimalError] Invalid argument: 10^x"
  4. Infinity ≠ Infinity. "1E99 X^2" gives Infinity, taken "LOG" gives back 99*2 = 198
  5. "10 E LOGxy STO" (≡ LN(10) ≈ 2.302585092994), then "RCL", calculator freezed.
    (unable to enter new numbers).

These were great finds, I will be sure to add them to unit tests when I get to them (for this purpose I moved all calculation logic to calc.js).
  1. I had an issue with my own number formatting, fixed for now, but I'll explore if I can use decimal.js for this too to justify the bundle size bump.
  2. JS Math.log used base e while Decimal.log used base 10
  3. 10^x was a silly mistake by me where JS was parsing it as a number instead of a command
  4. Infinity issue should be fine now as I reduced decimal.js exponent to +/- 99
  5. Should be fine now
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