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HP-41CL Speed test vs. DM41X and DM42
10-17-2020, 11:01 AM
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RE: HP-41CL Speed test vs. DM41X and DM42
Obviously it depends on the test but I think those figures are out by quite a bit. The DM41X isn't that fast. I wouldn't expect it to be much faster than the 41CL in TURBO50 mode because the CL uses hardware emulation (NEWT CPU) while the DM41X uses software emulation running on an STM32L476 chip.

I have a benchmark that gets the calculator being tested to chew through a bunch of transcendental functions in a loop.

DM42 on USB power: 2.6 ms/iteration
DM42 on batteries: 6.5 ms/it.
DM41X on USB power: 35 ms/it.
41CL on TURBO50: 40 ms/it.
DM41X on batteries: 106 ms/it.
41CL on TURBO10: 142 ms/it.

I have another benchmark that finds all the solutions to the "N Queens" problem for a given board size (the only others I've seen stop at the first solution). Some machines were too slow to run the test on an 8×8 board so these are the results for a 7×7 board:

DM42 on USB power: 6.84s
DM42 on battery power: 16.04s
DM41X on USB power: 130.29s
41CL on TURBO50: 388.12s
DM41X on battery power: 407.32s
41CL on TURBO10: 811.87s

Clearly the DM41X has an advantage over the 41CL in integer calculations for some reason. I don't know why because they're both running the original 41CX ROM.

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