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Free Textbooks from Springer
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RE: Free Textbooks from Springer
(06-29-2020 12:16 PM)SlideRule Wrote:  
(06-29-2020 05:19 AM)Gamo Wrote:  I have found this book very interesting about Statistic using Poket Calculator.
Name of the book "Statistical Analysis of Clinical Data on a Pocket Calculator"

BOOK Review
Statistical Analysis of Clinical Data on a Pocket Calculator: Statistics on a Pocket Calculator
Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman
Springer, 2011, viii + 58 pages, £35.99/€39.95/$59.95, hardcover
ISBN: 978-94-007-1210-2

Table of Contents

1. Introduction                                12. Odds ratio
2. Standard deviations                      13. Log likelihood ratio tests
3. t-Tests                                      14. McNema’s tests
4. Non-parametric tests                    15. Bonferroni t-test
5. Confidence intervals                     16. Variability analysis
6. Equivalence tests                        17. Confounding
7. Power equations                          18. Interaction
8. Sample size                                19. Duplicate standard deviation for reliability
9. Non-inferiority testing                       assessment of continuous data
10. Z-test for cross-tabs                  20. Kappas for reliability assessment for binary data
11. Chi-squared tests for cross-tabs   21. Final remarks

Readership: Students, researchers, and teachers involved with Clinical data analysis.
The authors have used their experience as masters’ and doctorate class teachers of the European
College of Pharmaceutical Medicine (EC Socrates Project) in putting this text together. They
have found, from their experience, that performing statistical analysis on a calculator to be a
useful aid for the students learning and that statistical results can be obtained much quicker than
using a statistical software package.
  For a short book it has a considerable number of chapters, each one being very brief. This
is not a comprehensive statistical book and the reader needs to know when and why they use
the relevant statistical techniques. There are a very small number of exercises for the reader
to test their understanding and in some chapters there are no exercises at all. This book seems
to be aimed at a niche market and does not have a great deal of explanation on the statistical
techniques employed. If a student knows what they are doing, statistically speaking, then it is a
good quick guide.

As well as
Statistical Analysis of Clinical Data on a Pocket Calculator, Part 2:
Statistics on a Pocket Calculator, Part 2

© The Author(s) 2012
Springer ISBN 978-94-007-4703-6; ISBN 978-94-007-4704-3 (eBook)

The small book ‘‘Statistical Analysis of Clinical Data on a Pocket Calculator’’ edited in 2011 presented 20 chapters of cookbook-like step-by-step analyses of clinical data, and was written for clinical investigators and medical students as a basic approach to the understanding and carrying out of medical statistics …

  This book is a logical continuation and reviews additional pocket calculator methods that are important to data analysis …

Followed by
Clinical Data Analysis on a Pocket Calculator: Understanding the Scientific Methods of Statistical Reasoning and Hypothesis Testing
ISBN 978 3 319 27103 3; ISBN 978 3 319 27104 0 (eBook)

  It is our experience that a pocket calculator is very helpful for the purpose of studying the basic principles. Also, a number of statistical methods can be performed more easily on a pocket calculator, than using a software program …

  Also, some analytical methods, for example, power calculations and required sample size calculations, are difficult on a statistical software program and easy on a pocket calculator. This book reviews the pocket calculator methods together with practical examples, both hypothesized and real patient data …


Thank you very much, but unfortunately the second book are not free. But the first one yes. There exists a second edition from the third one as pdf:

Regards Erwin
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