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Sharp EL-5030 - powerful but unknown
07-05-2020, 06:22 PM
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RE: Sharp EL-5030 - powerful but unknown
I like the EL-5030 too, but it's interesting programming model makes it a bit awkward to handle with on more complex tasks.
The same programming model is present on the EL-512H, EL-566, EL-566E, EL-5050, EL-5150 and EL-9000. Only the EL-5030 and
the EL-9000 have indirect addressing. As Vincent already mentioned, the EL-5030 is the only non BASIC programmable and non
graphical calc with indirect addressing. The EL-5030 is almost twice as fast compared to the EL-9000 on the n-queens test,
because it uses the 4 bit SC61720 @ 1.024 MHz vs. the 8 bit SC61860 @ 0.768 MHz. These CPUs are well known from the
SHARP BASIC pockets (not PC-1210/1500/1600/Exxx/Gxxx).

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